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Trademark Plaque

Our Premium Trademark Plaques have the finest details in the industry. Our color imprinting process enables us to reproduce your trademark registration with a clean, crisp image into the presentation plates, which are mounted on a solid wood plaque. We only use solid wood plaques for our Premium Trademark Plaques. These beautiful wood plaques come in your choice of Walnut, Cherry, Oak or a contemporary Black plaque.

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Coca-Cola logoWould you believe the world’s best known brand got its name from a bookkeeper?

Frank M. Robinson, an accountant and partner in what would come to be an iconic soft drink, not only suggested the name Coca Cola; he designed the logo, too. The name was derived from the two main ingredients in the product: cocaine and caffeine. The cocaine came from the coca leaf and the caffeine from kola nut, leading to the name Coca-Cola. The K in kola was turned to a C for marketing purposes. Continue reading “What’s in a Name? Coca-Cola Trademark”